Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dad's Secret Stache Father's Day Gift DIY

Are you looking for a unique, original, DIY gift for Father's Day? Have you ever seen those secret cans you can buy to store your money or valuables in. They are disguised as a can or a soda pop bottle, but they are made to hide your treasures. I have been wanting to attempt a DIY version of these secret compartment cans and I finally tried it! I made one for my dad for Father's Day and called it a "Secret Stache."
This entire gift took me about 10-15 minutes to make, including designing the tag to go on it. I just wanted something special for my dad to enjoy, and know I was thinking about him. He is also the type to tuck money and treasures in all sorts of places, so I can't imagine he won't be entertained by this gift.
I am going over to my parents tomorrow night to cook lasagna and give him his gift.
French Fried Onion Can with Pop Top
Foam or bubble wrap
Dad's Secret Stache Tag and Ribbon
1. Carefully open your can of French Fried Onions to keep top intact.
2. Insert foam circle in the bottom of the can and then a piece to cover the inside wall of the can.

3. Hide your "stache". The foam helps so that you can't hear jewelry or anything metal bang around inside.
4. Carefully, set your pop top back on the can and close the lid.

5. Hope your dad enjoys his "Secret Stache!"


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