Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Gift for a Dad that Loves to Cook

Gift giving is truly an art form. Sometimes it can be extra challenging to find that perfect gift to celebrate the moment. Is your Dad or husband someone that loves to cook and spends day and night in the kitchen? Yes? Great send them to my house so I can have a night off! Just kidding. My husband enjoys cooking for us when he can find the time, so I thought of this fun gift to make to give him from us.

I bought a cutting board at Ross for $9.99 and then used a wood burning tool to write words describing my husband.

Cutting board
Ink pen
Wood burning tool (approx $10)

I started by typing words in Microsoft Word that described my husband. I used Comic Sans 42 font and then printed it out to use as a template.

Using a pen, I traced heavily over the words in order to leave an indention in the wood. This actually was easier then I thought...only a small amount of elbow grease. You might want to secure your paper with scrapbook tape if you are concerned about it moving while you etch the words with your ink pen.

Be careful to have somewhat even spacing between the words and equal distance from the tops and bottom of your cutting board.

Here is an up close picture of the tracing. The better the indention you leave, the easier it will be to use the wood burning tool over it.

Next, I carefully followed my template on the top and bottom of the cutting board to burn the words.

The best part of this project is you can use any description you want to. I love adding that personalized touch to a gift. Let's hope he likes his Father's Day gift!!

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  1. this is an awesome idea! So versatile - I'm thinking you could do this with a monogram for newlyweds!


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