Thursday, July 25, 2013

I think you OTTER KNOW how great Otter Pops are!

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I guess the heat wave has officially hit nationwide. What are you doing to keep you and your kiddos cooled off for the summer?!? Frozen treats are a staple at our place this time of year. Popsicles are such an easy treat to satisfy my kids sweet tooth. Have you ever had an Otter Pop. These simple yet ingenius popsicles are reasonably priced, low calorie, and they contain real fruit juice. Let me be honest. I love them too! I find popsicles are great in pregnancy to soothe an upset stomach. (Sounds like an I mean it!)
We have so many reward systems around our house, in order to help motivate the kids to be good helpers. I prefer not to always give them money for extra chores, so I came up with a new system around our house (camper). I took a bunch of Otter Pops and labeled them with things like pick up toys, wipe the dinner table, help Dad, etc. Now my boys can pick a popsicle, do the extra little chore, and earn a sweet treat for their help. They have had so much fun helping me come up with ideas to earn popsicles. I just used a sharpie marker to write on the outside of the plastic package before I froze them. It is soooo much harder to write on them otherwise. I also let the kids decorate some of the Otter Pops with sharpies, because they are a little too young to write many words themselves.

We copied some of the characters from the Otter Pop Stars. You can check them out at There are videos, activities, and more! My little ones liked Poncho. Whose your kids favorite star?
Join me in liking Otter Pops on Facebook. I think by now you OTTER KNOW how great Otter Pops are!
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