Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mommy and Me Date Gift Set

While trying to decide on a gift for my best friend, and my son's best friend, whose birthdays are a few days apart, I elected for a joint gift. I made a basket full of Mommy and Me date nights that I hoped they would both enjoy. The gift basket included 5 date nights for Mom and son.

Mommy and Me Date Nights!

I kind of wished I had made a duplicate gift for my boys and I with date nights when I was done. We could really use some good excuses to get out of our camper we are living in right now! Funny story. After 5 days of rain in Texas, I drove up beside the camper to park on the land as usual. I quickly realized my tires were not moving smoothly any more. I attempted to begin backing up without success. I was stuck in the mud!! Finally, after quite some effort, and a little panic, I managed to avoid hitting the camper and our current water line. It was a close one according to these tire tracks.

I was so afraid to go back, I drove off to stay somewhere else for the night. My boys were so confused as I drove off. "MOM!" After my luck lately, I was not going to chance finding a safe spot to park, where I could actually leave early in the morning for work again. I accepted my defeat calmly. Plan B. Ok, now on to the date nights.

Date Night 1: Bake some brownies with me!
(Brownie mix and a new spatula)

Date Night 2: Take me to the movies
(Movie tickets and some candy treats to bring along)

Date Night 3: Ice cream and coloring
(Gift card to buy ice cream at Dairy Queen, coloring book, and new crayons)

Date Night 4: Buy some flowers and plant them together
(Garden gloves, small hand shovel, and money to buy flowers)

Date Night 5: Fly a kite, blow some bubbles, and use glow sticks in the swimming pool after dark!
(Beach bag, kite, bubbles and glow sticks)

I hope they enjoyed the gift!!
P.S. I didn't have a fancy way to make the tags. I googled images for chevron print. I cut and pasted the image in Microsoft Word and then typed the text over the chevron image. It was super easy and it did not require a fancy program.


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