Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jurassic Lego Birthday Party

My six year old decided on a Lego themed birthday party. He has been in love with the new Jurassic World Lego sets, so I decided to combine the idea. It was a little hard to find inspiration for our made up theme, so we had to be creative. If you have followed me for very long, you know I love to build things out of cardboard. My son requested a cardboard Lego Owen from Jurassic World.
He loved showing him off to his friends and he made a great photo prop.

Here are a few pictures of the creation process to help you build your own.
It didn't look like much along the way.

The arms were a little tricky to tape tight enough.

Last chance before a coat of paint that makes the whole thing.

Now to make a real Lego head from a big cheese ball container.

We started out with a coloring contest with some Lego man crayons. We gave prizes to the winners, which I felt really encouraged the kids to participate. We always need a filler until all of the kids arrive.

We taped them around the bar for the birthday boy to choose from.
The winners each received a small Lego kit.

Our family is so lucky to have an excellent cake creator named Grace who makes all of our party cakes. She outdid herself as usual! I gave her the cake them Jurassic Lego and this is what she created...

She used white chocolate for the Legos and everything was edible and delicious. Our Jurassic Lego cake was to die for.

The dinosaur coming out of the side was my son's favorite part. Even a little scary maybe...

Our first game was a Lego straw game. The children had to try and move six Legos with straw suction from plate to plate. I let them practice a few minutes first, to get the hang of it, before announcing the start of the game.

Another favorite game of ours involves unwrapping present after present. I use a dice and the birthday boy rolls it to select the lucky number or color. For example, he rolled a yellow on a color dice. The children pass the dice around the circle attempting to roll a yellow. When they get one, they get a pair of gloves to put on and they have to attempt to unwrap the present. Their time runs out when another child rolls a yellow. The gloves are passed and the game continues until they get to the smallest box in the middle. Each step of the way I have prizes like candy hidden in the box. It always creates some excitement and fun. The box was of course wrapped to look like a Lego each step of the way.

Here is a close up of the piñata and the Lego present for the game. Pinata instructions for a previous pull string one I made are here.
Next, each child built their own Lego minifigure and then just built Legos.

Both of my boys below could probably build with Legos all day long.

What is a party without a piñata?! I made this one out of a cardboard box for $2.

One of the favors was Lego notebooks for each child. I made them out of old Lego boxes. See instructions here.
Owen, it was nice to have you come to the party.

Happy Jurassic Lego Birthday! I hope this can somehow help or inspire you. I know we had a fun party.


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