Monday, September 5, 2011

Carve Fun Watermelon Creations

Throughout the summer I have watched the fun watermelon designs and creations that have been popping up around blog land. I was about to cut our watermelon the other day and decided it would be a lot more fun if I made a design. My son's friend was coming over to play, and his favorite character is Lightning McQueen. I made a simple version, and it was a big hit with the boys. My son insisted we set it on our lunch table so he could look at it while he ate.

Lightning McQueen out of Watermelon

I found that a melon baller worked best to scrape off the watermelon skin for designs. With only light pressure it peeled right away. I personally had no luck with a vegetable peeler or a knife. You can see in the picture below how I took off an extra chunk with the knife. Oops!

I inserted toothpicks and stuck them in small chocolate pieces for the eyes.

I highlighted the lightning bolt with a black sharpie and wrote the number 95. I know lazy...but it was not like a was entering a watermelon carving contest. I was doing it for the pure enjoyment of my son.

He loved his Lightning McQueen.

Here are some other fun watermelon carvings and designs I found around the Internet.

Watermelon Monster by 733 blog

Watermelon Frog by Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

Watermelon Turtle by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Watermelon Shark by Sun Scholars

Watermelon Baby Carriage Recipe

Watermelon Drum Set by David Leathers at Food Stylin

Shrek by unknown

Tea Pot
Watermelon Teapot by

Treasure Chest
Watermelon Treasure Chest by

Be creative and have some fun in the kitchen with your kids!!

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  1. Great design! Crazy what you can do with a watermelon ;) Thanks for linking up with us. We are featuring this on our blog tomorrow, stop by to grab your "braggin" button :)

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