Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pumpkin Toss Game for Halloween

It sure does not feel like Fall in Texas, but all of the great ideas in blogland, have inspired me to start some Halloween and Fall crafts. My wheels are turning. However, this is one of my favorite projects from last year.

I made this pumpkin toss last year for a Halloween party my friends and I threw at a homeless shelter. The kids loved it. My own kids continued to play it at home too, well after Halloween. I don't have pictures of all the steps, but I will try to explain. It was super simple. My favorite thing about bean bag tosses is children of all ages can participate. My 1 1/2 year old loves walking up and dropping the bean bag through the hole, and my three year old loves the challenge of trying to throw it in. Let's be honest...I have fun playing too!

It was very similar to this project I made for a patriotic bean bag toss. Click here or on the photo for instructions on how to make the bean bags and plywood cut out.


1. I started by cutting my plywood out in a pumpkin shape.

2. Then I made two holes where the cheeks belonged.

3. I painted the pumpkin orange, and used a little beige I had at the house, to shade some lines. I am by no means an artist, but I was trying to add a little interest.

4. Next I painted simple black eyes, nose and mouth.

5. I added some wood on the back for legs to stand our little Jack-0-Lantern up.

6. We just pulled him out of the barn to play with again this year! Happy Fall!

Parties I linked to: Click here


  1. What a fun activity, this would be perfect for a fall carnival. Thanks for showing off!


  2. That would be a fun project to make before my son's Halloween themed bday this October...{just gotta get the DH to help me work the saw}

    Pinning you over at my Halloween board...

    To celebrate All Hallow's Eve...I'm throwing a Halloween Link Party. Drop by if you dare!

  3. Wow, how crafty and creative..I love it..What a fun project to get into your blog, I found ya per hop and I'm happily following ya with smiles :)) I'm Marilyn from hoping you can swing in and say hello sometime..TY

  4. what a fun party game love how cute it is come see what I shared at


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