Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chalkboard Play Table for Kids

This story starts as a lot of my craft projects do. I was driving down the road when...I found a beat up kid's table on the curb. I can picture my husband cringing when those words come out of my mouth. Lol! I do have to say he still appreciates my thrifty nature. I think he is just glad I use the small car the majority of the time for gas mileage, instead of the SUV, or a lot more "treasures" would find their way home with me. Here is my newest creation.

This is the table I found on the curb. I had to start by gluing one of the pencil legs back in place. The screw was completely stripped.

Next, I sprayed it with chalkboard paint. Two coats easily did the job. Here is a guest that decided to visit our table. Hello little butterfly.

I then cut a hole out of the center with a jigsaw and placed a plastic red bowl in the middle to hold our chalk.

 I left it removable so it would be easy to clean. The whole project took me thirty minutes and did not cost a dime! (I already had a can of chalkboard paint at home) It was well worth the time for what joy it created.

I am not sure my son will be much of an artist. He is really into endless circles right now. It reminds me of a dog chasing his tail!

However, the table has been great for practicing our numbers and letters. It would be perfect to write spelling words on for older kids. Chalk just makes everything more fun.

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  1. This is very cute! And your right, everything is more fun with chalkboard paint!

  2. I wanted to let you know I'm featuring this at The Little Giggler. Stop by and grab a featured button if you'd like. :)


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