Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine Banner and My New Dining Room Table (Booth)

It has been forever now since my husband and I started our project of a new dining room table. If you have been following for that long, we got an old booth from my brother-in-law....along with a few additional hundred guests. I will explain in a minute. My husband worked hard building a new frame and we kept the original cushioned seats. It fit perfectly in a nook in our dining room and became our new dinner table. I love it! Especially with three windows surrounding it. We live in the country, and we have an amazing view of the pasture, 100 year old barn, and animals.

It reminds me of the booth in our little camper. It is so cozy that we find ourselves doing crafts there, playing games, and of course eating meals together. It is my new favorite spot in the house! Oh, and about those few hundred visitors this booth started with...(original post)

Bees!! Swarms of bees came out the second day we had the booth in our driveway...and I was stung. Hence, the reason my husband built a whole new base. When we opened the old one up it had honey oozing and dripping everywhere.

Today, we made a little Valentine banner to hang around our dinner table. It is a wonder I ever get anything done with my two little helpers. Notice my youngest is stepping all over our project. Ha! Super helpful.

I started by cutting triangles out of beige burlap. Then I cut out hearts, x's, and o's out of red fabrics. We adhered them with craft glue and glued them to a ribbon.

It was such a fast and easy no-sew Valentine project to add some zing to our dining room. What are you all working on?

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