Monday, October 15, 2012

Magic Pumpkin Seeds

On our camping trip last weekend we participated in the most precious activity. It was called "Magic Pumpkin Seeds." My boys received a bag with 2 pumpkin seeds, a craft stick with the end painted orange, and a baggie full of glitter. We met at the the hay ride and rode far out into the "magic pumpkin field" filled with straw.
Each of the boys dug a little hole with their finger and planted their magic pumpkin seeds. They covered them up carefully with hay and sprinkled the magic dust (glitter) on top. Then they placed their stake with their name written on the orange section beside their seeds.

Here is my youngest and I on the way out. His favorite part was the tractor and the "farmer" driving it.

The kids cousins came along for the fun filled weekend.
The driver told us a story of the Hidem Ma Hidem tribe that had buried their dead at this site years ago. It apparently makes it the magical place it is today for pumpkins to grow sooo quickly. She warned them not to dig the holes too deep or they would get Hidem Ma Hidem guts on their fingers. (You should have seen the little kids disgusted faces. Ha!)

Two hours later, we took a second ride out on the hay wagon to find our "magical" pumpkins.

The kids thought it was incredible and were so exicted to haul their magical pumpkins back into  the wagon.

My youngest tried desperately to pick his up and carry it. This would be such a fun activity or tradition to do at home every year for Halloween. I am going to be sad when my little ones grow up and they are not quite such believers in the "magic" of simple things like these pumpkins.

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