Sunday, October 14, 2012

RIP Graveyard Sign

We had the most fabulous weekend. Our family went camping at Jellystone campground in Burleson, Texas. This Yogi Bear themed park is fabulous. There were activities planned all weekend. From Friday until Sunday we managed to decorate our campsite for a contest, trick or treat, go on a scavenger hunt, ride on a Haunted Hay Ride, go to a fall carnival, plant magic pumpkin seeds, and go through a haunted maze!! Apparently, it lis every weekend in October. This might have to be a new family tradition.
We had heard of the campsite decorating contest on the internet before we went, so I created these spooky gravestones. It is so hard to get a clear picture without having a flash on my camera. This picture does not do them justice.
Black Spray Paint
Staple gun
Christmas lights (50 count)
1. Cut tombstone out of plywood using a jigsaw.
2. Paint with black spray paint.
3. I used 1/4" drill bit (same size as my Christmas lights) to drill out the letters for RIP.

4. Next, I pushed my Christmas light through the holes from the back side of the tombstone.

5. I used a staple gun to hold all the lights in place.

6. I leaned them up against a tree, but you could easily put little stands on the back of them.

Here are my crazy little pirates. My little one is screaming Arrrghhh!!! Lol! You can see the tombstones in the daylight in the background. His home made costume won 1st place in the costume contest and he was super excited to take home a huge pumpkin as a prize.

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