Friday, December 21, 2012

Children's Christmas Party

We had the best little Christmas party play date two weeks ago. My four year old helped me plan it, because he uses any excuse to have a party these days. Of course, when I started thinking about it, I realized he won't get to be home with me much next year once he starts kindergarten. It is amazing how fast time flies. As usual, we planned games, crafts, drinks and more.

These sweet little reindeer juice boxes were made from brown paper, googly eyes, and red pom poms adhered with hot glue.

My son and his friends were so excited about their Reindeer juice. We also bought a box of 8 bells at the dollar store and tied red ribbon on them so the kids could jingle as they walked around with their necklaces. It cost us $1.50 to make 8 necklaces.

One of our games was a snowman snowball. I started by wadding some white tissue paper up in a ball. Then I began wrapping it in clear packing tape. Every few layers I added in some bendable snowmen until it became a rather large snowball.

We turned on some Christmas music and passed the snowball around. The kids began pulling off the tape and trying to reach the bendable snowmen. If the music stopped, they had to pass it to the next child in the circle. This would also work with a dice, and the kids could take turns rolling the dice until they rolled a specific number like 5.

Next, we covered some pieces of cardboard with foil. We made construction paper cookies covered in real sprinkles.
We also mixed up some Magical Reindeer Food. I am sure most of you have heard of it before.  I combined oatmeal, sprinkles for baking, and sugar in a small dish. The kids scooped it out, and filled their little bags. (The scooping was their favorite part). I found this free cute poem printable here.
I didn't take enough pictures of everything because the party went by so quickly. I also had the kids draw a simple stable on a piece of construction paper. Then I gave the kids a set of stickers with baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc. I read the Nativity story and had them put a sticker around their stable that coordinated with each page. They were so attentive and quiet, and really enjoyed doing an activity with the Christmas Story.
How do you share the Christmas Story and spirit with your kiddos?

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