Monday, June 6, 2011

Spray Painted Personalized Rug

I have been wanting to attempt this project for a while and I finally got around to trying it. I found this rug at Big Lots for $2 and decided it was easily worth the investment. I enjoyed the contrast it provided between the dark brown top half and beige bottom. I had all the other supplies this project required already at home.

Contact Paper
Exacto knife or scissors
Spray paint

I started by drawing my G and swirls on the contact paper. I then carefully cut it out with a combination of scissors and an exacto knife. I peeled the back off the contact paper and applied it to the top of the rug. (This is probably the most difficult part!) Please make sure you are centered and happy with the position before you proceed.

I chose a red can of spray paint and began spraying evenly with wide steady swoops. Cover exposed area well, because the paint will cause the contact paper to curl up slightly, making it extremely difficult to spray a second coat at a later time.

Allow the rug to dry for at least ten minutes and then remove the contact paper slowly. Here is an up close view of one of the swirls.

You may of course choose to hand paint instead of using spray paint. Either method will work. My first concern was how long the paint would hold up on a rug. Then I remembered all those times I have clumsily gotten paint on things it should not be on...said some frustrating choice words (ha)...and was never able to get it out! I think this paint will stay for a long time.

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