Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lingerie Shower Invitation

I shared the stock the bar invite a few weeks back, but if you will remember, I am having a lingerie party at the same time. I know...a little different...but I think it will be a blast! I almost find it strange that so many parties before you get married, to celebrate a life of togetherness, are separate. My husband agreed to help me throw both parties at once, so I will let you know how it goes.
Here are the lingerie invitations I sent out two weeks ago.

I started by using a small red bra from clipart with Ooooh la la underneath. The lingerie invitation wording was:

Something sexy,
Something sweet,
Something to knock Matt off his feet!
I printed these on cardstock I bought at Michaels. My invitations were the 4x5 size. Next, I used black cardstock to wrap around the invitation. One piece of black cardstock cut in half, made two invitations. I think it is easiest to see the steps in picture format below.

For the holes, I found a cute heart hole punch, but a circle hole punch would easily work. After punching four matching rows, I threaded the red skinny ribbon up the card.

I was very excited about how cute they turned out. These would also work well for bachelorette party invitations too. In case you missed the stock the bar party here.

Hope you are having a great week! Mine is flying by so fast that I am wondering where it went!

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