Friday, June 15, 2012

"Cupcake" Sandwich and Father's Day Ideas

My two year old is so busy and on the go that it is getting hard to get him to eat some meals right now. We sit down for dinner every night and sometimes he can go 30 minutes without even taking a bite. (I wish I had that kind of will power!) However, he is never too busy to ask for sweet treats if they are around. I almost tricked him on this is a sandwich disguised as a cupcake.

Doesn't it look at least somewhat real? I am definitely sending these fun sandwiches in the boys lunch boxes next year.

White bread (wheat just looked more fake)
Peanut butter or meat and cheese
"Cherry on top" (I used a skittle)
Saran wrap
Cupcake Wrapper

1. Take a slice of bread and place it on a piece of saran wrap. Top it with either peanut butter or meat and cheese. You may cut off the crust but I chose not to.

2. Fold up the four corners of the bread together.

3. "Bundle" it up into a ball shape. This step is hard to describe so hopefully the picture helps.

4. Place it in your cupcake wrapper and top it with a cherry skittle.

5. See if you can fool your child, or at least make them smile enough to enjoy it!!

Father's Day is just a few days away. I have not finished my gift yet, so I can only share some ideas from the past right now.

Father's Day Gift for Golfer...for a Tee-rific Dad!

Make your own Father's Day Card with a Tie

Father's Day for a Cook...Personalized Cutting Board

I hope you have an amazing Father's Day gift planned!

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