Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Traveling Book Box...Monkeys

In case you missed my original post, I dreamed up the idea of traveling book boxes. Click here to see my original idea and the Bug Book Box. My goal is to get 4 to 5 different boxes completed to trade with my son's friends throughout the summer. It is almost like summer camp coming straight to their house.

I included the above picture and the following book box contents:

Monkey Book Box Contents

·         Curious George Goes To An Ice Cream Shop by Margret and H.A. Rey’s
(Please let your family keep one for your book collection)
·         Curious George stuffed animal reading buddy
·         Five Little Monkeys Reading In Bed by Eileen Christelow
(Please let your family keep one for your book collection)
·         Five Silly Monkeys Book
·         Monkey Plates to serve your lunch or dinner on
·         Curious George monkey skewers. Cut up bananas…or anything you have at home to serve a monkey snack. Hang one of the green monkeys off your child’s drink or sticking out of their sandwich or snack.
·         Monkey Game-May use in conjunction with books. Practice counting and attaching the monkeys with their correct number or number of pillows.
·         Curious George coloring book. Tear out a page or two and color with your child.
·         Curious George images. Glue some to paper and let them help write their own short story or describe what is happening in the picture to you. (Gluestick)
·         Have fun! Make sure everything on this list is returned to the book box for the next child.
·         Let me know when you have worn out your book box and we will trade. I am hoping to trade about every 3 weeks and just meet up with you. Thanks! Michelle
Ok...for the monkey game...I found this clever idea at Repeat Crafter. ( I had trouble printing from her linked site, but was able to copy and paste each image into a microsoft word document)  Here is what my little monkeys looked like.

I found this image for a monkey head to use on my clothespins. I used microsoft word to make it smaller and to make enough for 8 little monkeys

The monkey box went first to my friend's son Naaman. This is what he opened to find...

Coming soon...Flip flops and Ice Cream book box.

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