Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Water Balloon Target Practice

Can't beat the heat..join it!! Nothing is suited better for a hot summer day then water...or even better...water balloons. As usual, I was dumpster diving a few weeks ago, and found some old water noodles on a curb. I grabbed the whole bag and took them home. I knew they deserved a second chance and I had just the plan. Of course, I hid them in the trunk of the car from my husband until the time was right. It is just not worth the sigh of exasperation some days and "What exactly do you plan to do with those?!?" He does say it all in good fun...but it is truly more fun to suprise the whole family with my crazy little plans for quality time.


To start with I filled a LOT of water balloons. The boys could hardly stand watching me get them ready, without getting their grubby little hands on them. (Next time, I might have to fill them up during nap time!) Ha!

I took my "noodles with a second chance at life" and taped them into circles. I used a sharpie to write on 1,2,3,4 for points. Line them up and get ready for target practice!

We brought out a chalkboard from inside my son's room and he named two teams. From the start, the score was never accurate. He gave himself points every time he had a chance. It was so much fun, that this was not the time to teach him true score keeping.

Let the fun begin!

Of course, my well planned game transitioned into many new forms. One being...jump on the water balloons and squirt your little brother. Hee hee.

We also ended up on the top fort of the swing set, bombing anyone who dared walk below. My boys are already requesting round 2 of the great water balloon target practice. I think my husband and I had as much fun as they did!!

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