Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fireman Party Games

We used some very traditional games for our party because they were most age appropriate and a lot of fun. I found a pin the helmet on the dalmation at Party City. It is also available online at

If you can't get a hold of this one you could just use a picture of a dalmatian and cut some fire helmets out of red construction paper. This classic game seems to always be a kid pleaser!

We also made a fireman obstacle course. Cade received a fire pole from Santa for Christmas so that was an extra special touch. The course involved going down a slide, crossing a plank, stepping through tires, crawling under a table, sliding down the pole,

and then grabbing an old fire hose to put out the fire. We gave each of the kids fire helmets as party favors and they wore them on the course. (I found very nice fire hats at the dollar store near Halloween) We also had about 6 fire coats that I bought on sale afer Halloween for the kids to dress up in.

Oh, and I almost forgot...we rang a bell to signal the fire alarm and the kids raced off. The children ranged from 2-10 years of age and they all loved it!

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