Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Western (Farm, Tractor, Cowboy, Barn Themed) Child Room

When my youngest son was still in my belly, we decided to create a new room for my two year old. I decided it had to be really fun in order to persuade him to change rooms. He needed a room designed around cowboys, horses, tractors and farms to convince him to move. I can't say my husband had the exact same imagination as me when I informed him I thought he should have a front porch in his room. Luckily, it is hard to argue with a pregnant woman! Let me take you on a tour.

My husband and father-in-law were kind enough to honor my wishes and they built this adorable porch with a tin roof in his room. We still have up our 4th of July decorations.

I stained a little table and chair set I found at Ikea and a rocking chair my mom had when she was a little girl. We also added some old windows and an antique mailbox on the porch. If you will notice on the right side of the porch, we have a place to tie up all his horses (from the dollar store).

The hitching post is merely rope stapled with loops to slide his stick horses in for a long night's rest.

I picked up this painting for $5 at a garage sale. I was told a high school student had painted it. What a bargain! The coat and hat rack is a simple board adorned with wooden stars and hooks. The lettering was done with a wood burning tool but vinyl would look just as cute.

I picked up this old dresser at a sale for $10 and painted, stained and trimmed out the drawers. Of course, it was not hard to find old tractors and picture frames to go with our theme. One of our favorite books, Goodnight Cowboy, rests by his western lamp. Our Gone Tractoring sign hanging off the dresser, fits right in with his John Deere clothes hamper.

This bull was a Christmas gift from his grandparents and has had hours of riding time.

An old Winchester crate serves as my son's shoe box. I love it because it makes it easy for him to put up and find his own shoes each morning and evening.

This tepee was another fabulous gift. I probably would have made my own if we had not received this fun treasure. It also makes great storage for baskets of toys!

I don't believe in lonely walls so we even hung this barn and tractor picture under one of his windowsills.

These rustic looking shutters around his window are another thing I dreamt up on a sleepless pregnant night. (My poor husband)  They are merely fence slats stained and nailed to the wall. This same corner is also our reading corner.

If you can't tell yet, I love garage sale finds. I picked up this bookshelf for $5. We attached it to the side of an antique armoire and somehow the shades of wood matched perfectly. It is such a space saver.

This is the armoire from the front.

We have almost covered every inch of his room with fun decor. His room is not really that big, but it is amazing how much space is left when you only have to fit a toddler size bed.

Thanks for coming on our tour!

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  1. what a fun room. one of my boys has a cowboy room, but I have saw some great ideas on this post, especially the shutters on the windows.

  2. How adorable! What a lucky boy! Love all your creative uses for garage sale finds

  3. Really darling! My son has a cowboy themed room that I will be posting sometime soon. Well, kind of outdoorsy as his name is Behr.

  4. Very NICE! I love the shutters. When I read your profile I knew I had to follow...a mom of boys and a nurse- we're peas in a pod!

  5. What a beautiful room for your son to enjoy playing in.

  6. This is SUCH a great room!! Yahoo!! Love it all~ very creative!


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