Thursday, July 7, 2011

Western Themed Painted Child Chair

Do you ever make something and think...Wow this turned out better then I anticipated? Well, this is exactly what happened to me. Look at this chair I painted for my youngest son's western/rustic bedroom.

I have never painted a piece of furniture more then a solid color in my entire life. If you are even an amateur painter, I will be completely embarrassed if you read my tutorial because I really did not know what I was doing. Ha!

Here is my inspiration piece that I bought at a roadside fair in Texas. The artist is an older woman and I just ADORE all her western pieces of furniture art! I would love to give her due credit but I don't even know who she is. Last time I spoke with her, she told me she just loves to paint as a hobby. Here is the precious little stool I bought from her.

It was a wonderful garage sale weekend again. I purchased this white stool for $1. I am willing to try any painting project for a dollar. I started by spray painting it red.

Next, I used a sponge brush to paint a light yellow line in a curve to create my rope. I painted a rope on the back of the chair and in the little seat. The only good part about Texas summer's is paint dries in minutes in 100 degree weather!!

I then used a little tan paint and literally finger painted over the yellow rope to give it some depth in attempt to replicate my inspiration stool.

I overlapped the rope with bright yellow and blue stars. The key to the abstract stars is not to be a perfectionist. They look better without defined lines and points. I did this with the only other brush I had in the house...a watercolor brush from my son's paint with water book. Obviously, any other paint brush would have been easier. Luckily, it worked with a little extra effort. (I warned you I am not a painter or artist)

Once this had all dried completely, I got my sharpie marker out. I didn't dare attempt detailed lines without a marker. I made little s shapes over the rope.

Again, I went for the haphazard look as I outlined the stars. Then I drew little circles at the points to finish it off.

 If I can paint can you!! Happy painting! Here is my little monster enjoying his new chair.

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