Monday, July 18, 2011

Flip Flop Fun at the Beach...Make Prints in the Sand!

Here was my guest post for Someday Crafts last week for flip flops that leave imprints. I was so honored to be visiting there.

Hi! I am so excited to be visiting Someday Crafts. My name is Michelle and I am a nurse, wife, and mom. I find true joy in even small attempts at creativity. I live at what I like to call Greene Acres Hobby Farm. It all started when we took in our fourth stray dog. My husband said, "We can't keep him unless we move to the country." The next day I emailed him a picture of a house I had found and we put an offer on it that week. (Not exactly what he expected.) We have lived here for 6 years and we now have two little monsters boys, a cow, a horse, two goats, chickens, and our same four dogs.

Just another calm day in paradise!
Here are a few of my favorite projects I have done recently.

Melon Jello Boats

Vintage Train Birthday Party

Book Walk Reading Activity

Now on to today's project. Are you ready to have some flipping flopping fun??? Me too! These are the newest creation at our house.


Flip Flops
Foam Cut Outs or Foam Stickers
Hot Glue Gun

We started out with some regular flip flops. My oldest son and I took some foam stickers and decorated the bottom of them with animals and words. We put two on top of each other to increase the thickness. The stickers would not stick well enough on their own, so we ended up using hot glue to adhere them to the bottoms side of the flip flops. (Worked like a charm!)  Then we headed out to the beach to try them out. Did I mention we live in Texas? Ok, we really went to a man-made beach by a lake.

In motion flip flop pictures were impossible!

LESSON LEARNED...You must be smarter then the flip flops and expect a mirror image. The first pair we made had his name on them and it came out backwards!

The sand imprints were even better then I expected.

The animals were the easiest because they can not be put on backwards. For our second attempt, we put the letters on correctly in mirror image format. You must use regular foam cut outs, not stickers, for words. The problem is stickers end up with the sticky side facing towards the sand. Please learn from all of my mistakes. Ha! I enjoyed this project because it was fast, simple, and we had all the supplies needed floating around our house.
Thanks for letting me visit. Now go out and make some amazing flip flops of your own.

I hope your summer is wonderful and you have lots of...

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  1. That is such an adorable idea! Now I just have to figure out how to make my daughter keep her shoes on. lol Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a fun idea! Love it.

    Thanks so much for sharing on my mommy resource and solution party! And sporting the badge on your post just rocks! :)

  3. Cute-too bad I don't live near a beach.


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