Monday, November 21, 2011

Acorn Game for Thanksgiving with Printable

My son and I are were having so much fun with our Crazy Turkey Game, that I decided to design another game for the holidays. My little boys have been having a blast collecting acorns at their grandparent's house. It literally entrances them for a half hour, to collect acorns, in a small plastic jar. After noticing the acorns quickly rotted, (yuck!) in the jar at home, I decided we needed a way to preserve them. Combining this thought, and little bit of creativity, I made the Acorn Game.

You may download and print the game HERE. The directions on how to play the game are on the second page of the printable document. Let me share them anyways.

How to Play the Game:
Start your squirrel at the bottom. The first player rolls the dice and moves the number of spaces on the dice. If you land on the leaves, do nothing.  If you land on acorns, collect the number of acorns on the square from the acorn pile. If you land on the turkey, you lose one acorn back to the pile. Take turns rolling the dice. Once a player rolls enough to land on the acorn tree, or past, collect an acorn for making it home. Go back to start on your next turn, and try to collect more acorns and race home. Once all of the piles of acorns have been collected, the squirrel (player) with the most wins!

How to Make the Game:

1. I started by collecting a bunch of acorns out of my mom's yard.  I washed the caps and dried them.

2. Next, we hot glued fall colored pom pom's inside the acorn caps to recreate the acorns.

3. I modge podged squirrels on bottle caps for playing pieces.

4. Now you are ready to play your acorn game. Just follow the directions above. I hope you have as much fun playing it as we are!

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