Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Give Thanks Pumpkin

I finally got around to taking down our Halloween decorations. It always feels a little empty around our home, when one holiday ends, and we find ourselves waiting for the next holiday. I still think pumpkins are appropriate in November, so we decided to change some of our bright orange pumpkins a bit.

I took one of my small orange pumpkins and painted it...white. Technically, I should have primed it first, but I did not. I grabbed my can of white spray paint this morning and showered it with white paint. When the paint dried, I adorned it with an orange flower, ribbon, and a simple...Give Thanks. I wish I had bigger stickers...or even better...a cricut machine. It was still a fast transformation of an orange pumpkin to a festive Thanksgiving one!

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  1. That is precious! I have my pumpkins sitting on my mantel now that my Halloween stuff has been retired. I know the empty "in between holidays" decorating feeling! I am kind of feeling that way now. I am trying my best to hold off on the Christmas decorating though! I have to finish planning this party for my boys before I start worrying about Christmas!


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