Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Halloween Costumes and New Tradition

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween...however, you choose to celebrate or not celebrate. We took our boys trick-or-treating and had a wonderful time. My three year old even appreciated the spooky decorations at the houses, the creepy music, and all the other children dressed up. He was Batman and reminded me every two minutes...that Batman is not scared of anything!

It is so hard to get a one and a three year old to look at the camera! Does anyone else get exhausted trying to capture the moment....ten pictures later.

My husband and I went to a Halloween party this weekend and we decided on last minutes costumes. I made him into an adult giant version of Mr. Potato head. All of his body parts were attached with Velcro so the parts could be switched around to hilarious versions. I was a Leprechaun.

Mr. Potato Head was possibly the easiest costume I have ever made. My sons kept pointing at it and laughing, and then my oldest requested a costume too. I ended up making one for both boys too. It only took me ten minutes to make each of theirs. I just cut the outline out of brown felt and sewed up the sides, leaving arm holes. I cut a neck out, and then glued on the body parts with fabric glue. My children's costumes are more appropriate for sharing so here is one of them. Ha!

We also came up with a new holiday tradition. I already mentioned earlier this month that I made a Halloween pillowcase with a book pocket on the front. Each evening when it was time for bed, a new book magically appeared in the pocket.

The second idea, transpired while I was at the store looking through discounted Halloween decor, and I noted all the discounted pinatas. I had just picked up a black bat pinata this past weekend at a garage sale. We filled the black bat up with all our Halloween candy tonight, and let the boys go to town hitting the poor black bat with a plastic bat. We even had to help with a few hits to hit open that tough old bird. It was a great way to get rid of some of that extra Halloween energy still swirling around our house. They were just as excited to get the candy the second time around (the first was trick-or-treating). Do you have any fun Halloween traditions you might share with me for next year?

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